Friday, December 11, 2009

Events for Qatar National Day

(於 アル・ラヤーン、ダルブ・ア・サーイ キャンプ)
(於 アル・ラヤーン、ダルブ・ア・サーイ キャンプ)

・Darb-a-Saai Camp and events important aspect of Qatar National Day 2009
・Camel dressage competition to take place from the 12th December until the 15th December
・Masseela Horse Race to take place for first time at Darb-a-Saai on 13th December and continues till the 16th December

Two traditional Qatari sports events; the Masseela Horse Race and Purebred Arabian Camel Races; are being run on Sunday 12th December as part of Qatar National Day 2009 celebrations, race organizer the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC) has announced.
Emphasizing the high regard for Arab horse racing and camel dressage in Qatari society, citizens and expatriates are invited to join VIP guests as thousands of spectators attend the National Day Masseela Horse Race for Arab horses and Qatari riders at Darb-a-Saai Camp in Rawda Umm Rouman (Al Rayyan).
The Masseela Horse Race will be organized in the old traditional Qatari way, whereby pairs of riders challenge each other in a test of courage with the winning rider progressing to the next round. An exciting and fascinating way to introduce the young generation to the traditions of their ancestors, Masseela Horse Race features both Arabian horses and Qatari riders dressed in the traditional uniforms of their ancestors.
Meanwhile Purebred Arabian camels from Qatar’s leading stables are taking part in the National Day Camel Races at Darb-a-Saai Camp. Two competitions are taking place; camel dressage for owners 18 years and older where the camel has to complete a routine within a specific time as well as being judged on correct dress, and Best Behaved Camel where each animal is judged on its ability to resist obstacles and distractions such as water and food.

Masseela Horse Race and National Day Camel Races take place between 10AM and 6PM on 12th December at Darb-a-Saai Camp in Rawda Umm Rouman (Al Rayyan).
Everyone is invited to the free event. For more information about Masseela Horse Race, National Day Camel Race and all other National Day events, history and themes, visit

For further information, please contact:
Laila Chehayber
Telephone: + 974 428 3126
Cohn & Wolfe Public Relations, Doha, Qatar

About Qatar National Day
On the 18th of December, Qatar celebrates its National Day in commemoration of the historic day in 1878 when Shaikh Jasim, the founder of the State of Qatar, succeeded his father, Shaikh Muhammad Bin Thani, as a ruler and led the country toward unity. The event is considered as an opportunity for all Qatari nationals and expatriates to recognize and celebrate what it means to live in modern day Qatar.

Qatar National Day activities are organized by the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC), whose vision is to Strengthen Solidarity, Loyalty and Pride in National Identity.
For more information, please visit

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